I’m Jen. I am an artist. I have been all my life. 

Born and bred a Midwestern girl. I work hard, it’s what we do. Ten years in Los Angeles taught me a LOT about myself and my work! 

After several years of traveling the western U.S. in an RV, my husband and I have recently settled into a beautiful community on the northern Oregon Coast.

We now have the beach out our back door and wild life on our doorstep… even large herds of elk - it’s pure magic!

I envision possibility everywhere, and I believe the excitement is in figuring out how to bring things to life. 

I go with my gut and make decisions in the moment. I believe creativity is an experiment. The beauty is in the process and the story.

With me you get the raw powerful, slightly unpolished behind the scenes version because life’s more fun that way.

I have been told that I have a unique creative vision and artistic style, a genuine heart, mad organizational skills and determination that just won’t quit.

What I know I have ;) 20+ years of experience listening, facilitating, selling and leading. Amazing memories of studying in Firenze, and over 10 years of creating and selling my work.

Make art + do good.

I make art to enliven your spaces, and jewelry you’ll never want to take off. Often inspired by the outdoors and travel, my work is made to unleash unfettered expression, to support, preserve and protect nature.

We (you and I) plant trees with every purchase you make. The National Forest Foundation facilitates our good work ;)

I believe in protecting these spaces because the good stuff is exploring, getting outside to talk to the trees, and never wearing shoes for a walk on the beach.

Passionate about happy clients, I am here to anticipate what your soul needs and deliver it to you in the form of art you can feel good about.

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