Roller Coaster in Hyperdrive

A roller coaster really is a good analogy for life. It just moves slower or faster depending on what is going on in your life.

About all that stuff, the stuff that "happens" to you, the stuff that you have "manifested" and all the other stuff - how does it really arrive at your doorstep? There is a quote I heard somewhere that goes something like this: 

"Success is when chance meets preparation."

I always liked that phrase, and I think it feels very relevant lately. Are we constantly preparing ourselves for something that might happen?

Well I have been doing a lot of "preparing" for the last few years. Sometimes it feels like spinning your wheels.

Most of the time for me it feels like a rushing roller coaster that is speeding up thru twists and turns and taking those huge drives over the apex without knowing whats below. Ultimately, I always seem to feel the jerky stop at the end of the ride. Instead of getting out, the ride starts again and I'm right back in it.

I think these days I'm looking a little bit more for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You get that initial forbidding feeling, you take that first plunge down the waterfall (that doesn't fall so far your heart leaps out of your chest, but generally you get a little wet) and then your in for a relatively stable ride.

Don't get me wrong it's still full of surprises. Twists and turns, gunshots and fire, some boozy celebrations and tomfoolery, but you feel generally at ease.

Maybe that's confidence, eternal optimism that despite the bumpy ride, you're on the right course. I'll keep hunting for it, but that damn dog might be holding my keys just out of reach...(if you know the ride, you'll know that reference).