Coming Out of the Fog

Things are coming into focus. What I am looking for is connection. Being part of something bigger than myself. I want to be part of a movement.

That means changes are coming. Changes to my business and changes to they way I run my life.

This is exciting. Rewriting the rules or throwing them out of the window is really exciting.

I’m going to start small. Baby steps. Tipping the scale in the forward direction and grabbing hold of the side rails as I jump onto the conveyor belt.

Tweaks will be made through love and positivity, not FEAR.

It’s time to stop paying attention to the annoyances and negativity in the world and seek out the light. The light serves us all. Inspire hope and a brighter future.

Wallowing be gone – you are not serving any of us.

Changes start now, today, and will continue tomorrow.

I think it’s time to start putting this message out into the realm of others. 

Here goes something...