Who Wrote These Goals Anyhow?

As a creative entrepreneur, strike that, as an artistic person self doubt is pretty much part of the daily routine.

Come up with an idea, second guess it, try it anyway – and wow you love it! Take a look at it the next day and you can’t even believe it was something you did. Daily struggle, daily second-guessing, and daily disappointment.

If you’re lucky, it’s usually only about small things. Unfortunately I’m having those feelings about some pretty large aspects of my business – my goals.

Goals are funny things. People tell you to have clear goals, break them down and create short term and long-term goals.  You’re supposed to check in with your goals, give yourself updates and tweak your goals slightly along the way.

I’ve been doing this over and over through the last several years and I’ve come to some new realizations. My goals don’t need tweaking; they need a massive overhaul because:

·      My goals have been at the same time not clear and focused enough and too focused.

·      My goals look really good on paper, they have been laid to fit the so-called map of success – covering every aspect required: creative, sales, marketing, personal time, skills, etc.

·      My goals have been too numerous, making it very difficult to actually accomplish much.

·      My goals don’t reflect me.

·      My goals don’t excite me. Well at least not all of them.

·      My goals feel like what I’m supposed to say I want.

·      My goals have not helped me manage and grow my time, money, or energy. My resources are dwindling.

I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that I have been creating goals that I am not truly passionate about. How could I have ever expected to reach these goals when doing so won’t fill my soul with happiness and excitement?

I’d say it’s time for the goal setting process to change here in my world.  When did I become that person that followed everyone else’s path???

I think it’s time to put more focus on how I want to feel and what I want for others.

It’s time to listen to my body when I say something that makes it feel uncomfortable and then I have to start letting my body make the new statements about desires and goals.

This is going to be all about intuition and the bigger picture. I’m going to stop pigeon holing myself and making it tougher on myself to succeed.  I need to make things as easy for myself as possible, because no one else is going to.

Alright, goals, you better be on the lookout. Goals – you’re getting a massive overhaul, and I think a lot of you are getting thrown under the bus soon, because I don’t need you anymore.