The very Unsexy Things I'm Excited About

I have been spending my time in very unsexy tell you say...

Sometimes I get in crazy organizational mode. It's usually in the first part of a new year. this year started by gutting my studio, painting the walls new soothing and relaxed calm space kind of colors. Then I loaded in all the tools and goods in (what I hope will stay a that way) a more organized fashion.

I carved out a great little office area with the intent of being more organized with my bookkeeping.  - Then we moved our wifi router and I lost connectivity in my new cute little office, so I'm writing this from our kitchen table. (I'll sort it out, eventually.)

I have been immersed if unsexy works for about a week now and it's been so exciting. 

I started a new cloud based bookkeeping system called Xero and loaded in all my info for 2015. Whew big job! It is such an intuitive program. I'm loving it so far! (I tried QB Online and this works so much better for me!)

It feels so good to take control of my finances and bookkeeping! #knowyournumbers

Then I have to tell you about my other unsexy obsession - Omni Focus Productivity and Organizational software. Super sexy name right;) 

As a creative I always have way too many thoughts floating around in my melon, and I'm constantly feeling overwhelm. I love Omni because it just allows me to o a brain dump and then organize my thought and business projects in a variety of ways based on the type of project.

I've been using it for over a month. The key work is USING it, like every day, all day. Because this kind of program is no good if you don't use it - duh!

So now that I'm realigned, organized, reconciled, painted and INSPIRED it's time to get back to work. Off to the studio - check ya later. Yup I said that;)