Contractors and Camping Gear

When it’s 100 outside the little things seem to weigh me down. Phew, breathe and turn that air on baby! I won’t miss the summer heat of this place one bit.

It is happening, we have been meeting with contractors for the last 3 weeks and we have narrowed it down to two. The first set of numbers we’ve seen for the needed renovations fit into our budget perfectly so that is really fucking exciting!

It feels strange to have lived in this house for over eight years and to be doing renovations for someone else to enjoy when we sell it. Doing the work means that hopefully our house will fetch a much higher price, and after paying off the work and existing loan we will have more money in the bank to begin our new adventure.

Some days I realize how much I want this change and I can barely contain my excitement! When you begin to follow the dreams in your heart even the little monotonous tasks become a bit easier.

Moving forward on a path of your own choosing can strengthen you more than you know. It is really helping me to find the resolve to move a bit closer everyday to the day we hand over the keys to this place, my husband quits his job, and we begin our new adventure out of Los Angeles together.

Next week on our road trip up to Lassen National Park, this is our last getaway before our house becomes a construction zone. We are both itching to get outdoors and try out our new camping gear. We bought a new ultra light tent, sleeping bags, and inflatable mats to sleep on. I can’t wait to try them out.  A little nervous about how comfortable my sleeping mat will be, but I’ll soon find out.

It will be the first time we have to carry a bear canister for all our food too, so lots of new exciting things to experience in a park we have never visited before.

When you go on trips like this, to new places it really pays to have a partner you can count on. You need someone who has got your back, is good at problem solving and teamwork. We seem to work really well together on adventures.  For us it helps to make lists and prepare for as much as we can ahead of time, because there will always be surprises.

We will start in Lassen and then probably head over to the coast, hit up some Redwoods and maybe do a little wine tasting before we come home. It should be about a ten-day trip, so we will see where we end up before resigning to drive back to L.A. It will be so good to get away and relax together.

It’s been a bit exhausting lately thinking about all the newness that lies before us. I know my husband is counting the days until he can quit his job, but it must be scary too. He has had the same steady well paying job for over twelve years. He is stepping into a life he hasn’t ever lived before.

The last five years have already been a little unpredictable for me. I left my full time job a few years back to start pursuing my passion, and it has been a roller coast to say the least. There are a lot of ups and downs, and back and forths when you’re trying to make a living doing as an entrepreneur and an artist.

When we hit the road hopefully early next year, we will both be working on that lifestyle together, with no back up fall back jobs for security. We will have our savings and some money from selling our house and that is what will allow us to head off into the unknown for a while.

I’m looking forward to running my business from the road; I will definitely be sharing my successes and stumbles with you along the way. I want to show you that you can make big leaps, change your life in big ways (if you plan for it) and live your dream. After all, life is crazy short, and we never know what is coming our way next. It only makes sense to live life on your own terms and create work that supports the lifestyle you want.

So here is to the dreamers, the visionaries, and those that suffer from wanderlust. – let’s make this happen. (Also, here is to temperatures that never rise above 72 degrees, unless I’m on a tropical getaway with a beer in hand.) Fuck it’s HOT;)