The Me I Want to Be

You know those activities you do where you feel like a completely different version of yourself than you do in your “regular” life? Maybe it’s something you do alone, or with a friend. Maybe it’s something you haven’t done in years, but the thought of trying it again gets you so excited.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who feels deeper connections to my passions than my must do / regular life. These feelings are the things we should pay attention to.

In my 35 years, I have seen myself be a very different person based on the experience and atmosphere I have been in. I’ve worked in corporate retail wearing black all the time and strategizing how to sell more cosmetics to women. I have helped my Dad train his golden retrievers for hunt test competitions; out in muddy fields throwing dead ducks into the air and training them to retrieve them on cue. I have put on stilettos and a tiny little dress to go out clubbing in Vegas. I have worked three part time jobs, working seven days a week to get my business off the ground and pay my bills. I have taken scuba lessons and conquered my fear of claustrophobia. I checked myself in for rehab in my early twenties, and I have lived in a big city with no car and taken the bus to get to work. I have not showered for days as I backpacked over 36 miles.

The point I’m trying to make is that I think we can all become very different people in the moment when circumstances call for it. Every year as we get older I hear so many people talk about how they would never do this and they could never do that. I don’t believe it.

We can change, we can learn new things and we can transform our lives in unbelievable ways if we just take that first step. Say you are willing to be scared and willing to be uncomfortable to change things.

Maybe that change means starting to live more days doing one of those activities that makes you feel like the “you” you like more than the “you” you’re used to in your daily life.

I was prompted to write this because we just returned from our backpacking trip / multi California town road trip to entertaining three wonderful travelers in Los Angeles. (One of who is our gracious and beautiful niece.) The stark contrast on activities we have gone thru in the last two weeks really got me thinking about our ability to adapt and make changes in our life.

I believe it’s time to start spending more time doing the activities that make us feel whole, challenged and alive in the most exhilarating way. We need to stop telling ourselves we are this, or we are that. With all the ways in which the world is so connected and learning new things is so available to us, it’s time to open the book, the door, to open our eyes to all the possibility that surrounds us. We can become something new – if you’re willing.

I’m writing this for myself as much as you today. I’m letting my mind dare to dream and wondering what life might be like if I spent my time doing only the things that are most resonant with me right now.

What would people say, how would they look at me if I gave up all the things we are supposed to want, and that look good from the outside. Do their thoughts matter? Of course there are people in your life whose thoughts do matter. But we have to remember that those close family and friends want us to be happy, because our happiness means that we will be a better friend, a better spouse, or a better sibling to them.

If you are your best, your relationships will be their best too.

So get out there, experiment, explore, re-connect with experiences that put your head in a good space. Things that teach you how strong you can be, how inventive you are, and showcase your best self will always be things worth investing your time in. After all if you don’t utilize your most precious resource, time, in the best way possible who will?

I am making a commitment to invest my time in the things the push the “me” I want to be forward. Will you join me?