Beckett Stack Ring

Beckett Stack Ring


Inspired by the Irish landscape and named in honor of one of their greats. The Beckett Stack Ring is named after Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett.

Simplicity inspired by nature. This ring is inspired by the cliff side columns on the northern Irish shoreline. Columns formed of hexagonal stones - not man made, but formed by ancient volcanic eruptions.

Imagine yourself standing on the shoreline and gazing up at these mysterious and magical rock formations. Sip from a mug of Irish coffee and savor the moment; you’ll never want to leave.

Full of folklore and stories of giants, the Causeway is truly a magical place.

This ring is solid .925 sterling silver. It makes a wonderful wedding band for nature lovers.

All of my handcrafted jewelry is gently and safely packaged in a beautiful suede pouch and embossed box to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

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Gemstones are available to be added to this design. Please contact me to discuss options and receive a quote. I can add the following lab-created gemstones to this ring. (These created gemstones are a gemological identical to natural stones. I use them in a lot of my work because they are eco-friendlier and free of unsafe labor concerns.)

-Ruby (July's birthstone)
-Alexandrite (June's birthstone)
-Blue Zircon (December's birthstone)
-Topaz (November's birthstone)

Other stones may be available, please contact me if you're looking for another gemstone.

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