Weaving in My New Studio. #100ittybittyblogposts


I broke ground yesterday on working in my new studio in our new home. It felt so good to sit down at the loom and embrace my new beautiful space and all its natural light.

I’m working on this gorgeous colorful custom cotton warp from Japan. I’m giving myself some free time weaving on this vibrant warp before I jump back to the collection I started this spring. With our move and a family wedding in Wisconsin next month my collection release will be pushed back to this summer.

In the meantime this technicolor fabric is giving me life and joy in my new space.

xo Jen

I'm Buying a Kiln #100ittybittyblogposts

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some fun and exciting news. I’m buying a kiln!!

Why you ask? Well over the last few years of working on my jewelry I found that the most frustrating process of my creation was outsourcing parts of the process that I couldn’t do in house. I was working with a caster in downtown Los Angeles to mold and cast some of my jewelry. No matter how much prep work and clear instruction was done on my end there were inevitably issues. I was never happy with the quality, quantity, or communication that came out of our partnership.

So fast forward to happy news - I’m buying a kiln so that I can bring all my production in house! I will be continuing to create using my traditional metal-smithing skills and I will be introducing new work created thru the precious metal clay process.

I worked with precious metal clay (PMC) back in 2012 for a bit, but gave it up for more rapid production thru casting. I’m getting back to my roots of more one of a kind pieces so working in PMC just made so much sense.

This transition also means that I can create some larger elements in bronze and copper for use in my textile works. There is going to be so much newness coming out of my studio this year, I’m overflowing with excitement.

Thanks for being here as part of my journey.

xo Jen

Sarah Winkler. #100ittybittyblogposts

Time for another artist spotlight . Today I’d like to introduce you to Denver painter Sarah Winkler.

Sarah studied Art and Earth Science at William Paterson University. Her interest in geology and ecological processes show up strongly in her work. Her layered pieces of the desert and American mountain landscapes really speak to me.

I think her take on landscapes is refreshing and unique. I feel that Sarah captures the textures and rawness of these landscapes and transforms them into clever modern works of art. I hope you love her work too.

Check out Sarah’s current solo exhibition if you’re in the Denver area.

Check out Sarah’s current solo exhibition if you’re in the Denver area.

I Used to Write Poems... #100ittybittyblogposts

I used to write poems when I was in high school. They lived on for a while in a notebook where I would reread them every now and again. I would remember what drove me to write them. I would remember how they just flowed, no oversight, no correction… perhaps no good.

I used to write poems in high school, and it always made me happy to reread them. There was some kind of magic there. Some grasping at the stars, some freedom and some confidence. Those poems were for me and not for you. Those poems were pure and they were true.

Maybe I’ll write myself a new poem. If I do, I won’t tell you about it. It won’t be for you.

xo Jen