Yahtzee #100ittybittyblogposts

Who here has a favorite game from childhood? I loved playing games while I was growing up.

Every summer we would spend time up at my Grandparents’ lake house in northern Wisconsin. We would be in the lake all day and when the sun went down it was time for game nights on the porch.

The games that stuck for me, and that I still love playing whenever we can go up to the lake, are Yahtzee and Scrabble. Scrabble is one of my all time faves! I love playing Scrabble with my Mom and Grandma, although Grandma gets pretty damn competitive;)

The dice game, Yahtzee, is always fun for everyone. My Mom gave James and I a travel set of Yahtzee for Christmas and we played it non-stop in the RV the first few months of the year. My husband loves it! It’s a fun, chill, easy game that we now put into regular rotation with Backgammon and some card games that we like.

Any recommendations on new games are always welcome! If you haven’t played Yahtzee - go get it - you’ll love it.

xo Jen

Our Move North. #100ittybittyblogposts


You might have already seen my post on Instagram about our move from southern California to the Oregon coast, but here is a little more of the story…

Three years ago, we moved out of our home in Los Angeles and rented it out for a couple years. We then spent our time traveling some of the western states in our 5th wheel (a type of RV / trailer) and truck. When we weren’t on the road we stayed in Santa Barbara or Los Angeles with family.

We were searching. We were searching for the place where the next chapter of our lives could unfold. We looked into several areas in northern California, but nothing was quite right for everything we want out of our lives.

It’s been six years since we made the commitment to leave LA. We are looking to slow down the pace of life a bit, to have some space, spend more time in nature and live in a place that will help facilitate both my husband and I pursuing our art careers without working another job just to pay the bills.

At the end of January we started up into the southwest corner of Oregon for a trip up the coast and into Washington. Spoiler… we never made in to Washington. We loved the Oregon coast more and more as we moved north and it became clear that this place was somewhere we were interested in learning more about. We visited galleries, hiked trails, explored towns and stared at the ocean for hours.

Then we decided to pull the trigger. We picked an area near Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Astoria to look for a rental, and we found something magical. We moved up this week and my Mom will be moving up in May after she retires. Sometimes when things just feel right and even a little easy, it’s a sign.

We can’t wait to learn more about our new area, and hopefully find the perfect place to open up our dream gallery and continue growing our art practices.

Oh, and that view up above… that’s our new backyard, and just over the horizon is a long sandy beach - perfect for long walks. Oregon, we’re digging you.

xo Jen

Leaving California #100ittybittyblogposts


Yesterday we left southern California behind. We hit the road in two vehicles heading north towards our new home. It was a gorgeous day for a farewell. We’re trading in palm trees for fir trees, and jammed freeways for quieter streets.

The magic of California will always bring us back for time wandering in the redwoods and it’s many amazing parks. We will be back for visits, and perhaps a bit of work now and then, but we were ready to say goodbye to southern California as our home.

Peace out Cali! xo Jen

Stars Lead the Way #100ittybittyblogposts

Tonight I was driven home under the stars of a southern California sky.

The breeze blew and the stars were constant.

The trees swayed and the stars were constant.

I was swept away and the stars were constant.

The moon was happy tonight.

xo Jen